In the Spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.
— Margaret Atwood

Ah, it's Spring! This is a particularly gorgeous season here in Sonoma County since we have a rather long, hot, dry season usually from June through October or November. 

Right now the hills, trees, bushes, and vines are a wild emerald green, absolutely bursting with life!

Emerald green hills of Spring in Sonoma County

Of course, all the fruit trees are bursting too.  My orchard is covered with a delicate layer of snowflakes, that's snowflakes of apple blossom petals!  It smells incredible.  Sit still and you'll hear the busy hum of thousands of honeybees hard at work. 


Following up on my post, Autumn Apples, below are the blossoms from the Winesap.


Pink Pearl Apple Blossoms.

Pink Pearl Apple Blossom


Gravenstein Apple Blossoms.

I took a first batch of photos on March 23rd, and another today, April 1st.  The progression in those 9 days is astonishing! 


One of our honeybees collecting pollen from a Gravenstein apple blossom


Bartlett Pear Blossoms.


Honeybees on Olallieberry Blossoms.

Honeybee on Olallieberry blossom


Poking around with my camera, I found the ever-elusive Persimmon blossom!

Hachiya Persimmon Blossom

Take the time to go out into your garden, notice of all the little things: plants and animals, working so hard and changing so fast.